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Panasonic PA-N series narrow profile electromagnetic relays

Panasonic PA-N series narrow profile electromagnetic relays

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PANASONIC PA-N relays for dense PCB mounting are equipped with a low power consumption coil. The extended contact break ensures greater insulation durability. Typical applications of the PA-N series are, for example, output relays for programmable controllers, industrial and office equipment, measuring and testing devices.

Type of relay electromagnetic
Relay variant miniature
Contacts configuration SPST-NO
Max. contact current 5A
Switched voltage max 250V AC, max 110V DC
Coil power consumption 110mW
Symbol Description
APAN3103 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Vcoil : 3VDC; 5A/250VAC
APAN314H Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Vcoil : 4,5VDC; 110mW
APAN3105 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Vcoil: 5VDC; 5A/250VAC
APAN3106 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Vcoil: 6VDC; 5A/250VAC
APAN3109 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Vcoil: 9VDC; 5A/250VAC
APAN3112 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Vcoil: 12VDC; 5A/30VDC
APAN3118 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Vcoil: 18VDC; 5A/30VDC
APAN3124 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Vcoil: 24VDC; 5A/30VDC


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