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Multifunctional WIHA LED Torch

Multifunctional WIHA LED Torch

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Multi-functional WIHA torch offers three modes of work. A universal tool, it features an integrated laser, UV and LED lights.

The LED light function has two levels of light intensity, which can be adjusted to specific light conditions.

Thanks to the magnetic holder, you can easily mount it on control cabinets and power switchboards and perform maintenance jobs faster and easier.

The rotary, L-shaped lamp face enables the user to point the light source in various directions, as required for the task at hand, which makes this torch a great choice for those working on electrical installations on suspended ceilings and hard-to-reach places.

The integrated laser makes it easier to set the location and measurements e.g. for connection boxes more precisely. A delayed switch-on interval of 2 seconds prevents the laser from being activated accidentally.

This torch is also very suitable for technical inspections thanks to its integrated UV light.

Product characteristics:

Additional Functions:

  • magnetic holder,
  • integrated laser,
  • UV light.

Symbol Description
WIHA-SB24670 Torch: LED; L: 152mm; 100-310lm; Ø: 30mm; Colour: black; IP54


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