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SR PASSIVES encoders are now available at TME.

EC series incremental encoders manufactured by SR PASSIVES are one of the most popular products available at TME. Thanks to their mechanical durability and resolution, they are truly competitive on the market of encoders.

Their additional advantage is that each model is available in two versions – with or without a button. Each encoder is also equipped with a mounting bracket, which facilitates secure mounting to the PCB.

Symbol Resolution [imp/rev.] Body dimensions [mm] Thread length [mm] Shaft length [mm] Properties [cycles] Mechanical durability
EC11E15-20P20C 20 11,7x13,75x6,5 7 8 - 30000
EC11E20-20P20C-SW 20 11,7x13,75x6,5 7 13 with button 30000
EC11E12-15P30C-SW 15 11,7x13,75x6,5 5 7 with button 30000
EC11J12-15P30C-SW 15 11,7x13,75x6,5 5 7 with button 30000
EC11B15-20P20C 20 11,7x13,75x6,5 5 10 - 30000
EC12E20-24P24C 24 12,7x12,4x5,2 5 10 - 50000
EC12E20-24P24C-SW 24 12,7x12,4x5,2 5 10 with button 50000
EC16E20-24P24C 24 16x17,2x6,5 7 13 - 50000
EC16E20-24P24C-SW 24 16x17,2x6,5 7 13 with button 50000


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