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Quiet and reliable cooling

Quiet and reliable cooling
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As one of the largest distributors of electronic components in Europe, we offer a wide range of products by SUNON.

We especially recommend DP series axial fans with 230V AC supply voltage. These versatile products are applied in those areas of electronics where cooling of various types of systems is required.

The models are among the most innovative products in the SUNON product portfolio. They are manufactured on a highly automated production line, which ensures the reliability and precision of each fan. A feature that distinguishes DP series models is energy efficiency. The introduction of changes in the production process has made it possible to optimize the fans' energy consumption, while maintaining all other parameters. According to the manufacturer's data, the power consumption of the new models is 18-46% lower.

The size of the fans is 119x119x38mm, and the impeller and housing are made of thermoplastic. They feature ball bearings, which significantly increases the life and reliability of these devices and enables operation in any spatial orientation.

Supply voltage: 230V AC
Type of fan: axial
Noise level: from 39dB
Type of bearing: ball
Dimensions: 119 x 119 x 38.5mm

Symbol Description
DP201A2123HBTS Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 119x119x38.5mm; 144m3/h; 44dBA
DP202A2123MBTS Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 119x119x38.5mm; 134m3/h; 42dBA
DP203A2123LBLS Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 119x119x38.5mm; 132.5m3/h; 39dBA
DP203A2123LBTS Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 119x119x38.5mm; 132.5m3/h; 39dBA


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