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Tesa® 51026 tape

Tesa® 51026 tape
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Tesa® 51026 tape is made of PET fabric and rubber-based adhesive compound. It is resistant to abrasion, external factors, fire, as well as aging. In addition, it demonstrates great flexibility and high initial and final adhesion. Tesa® 51026 tape is a perfect solution for protecting car wiring against abrasion. Most often it is applied in engine compartments where temperature and environmental factors are extremely demanding.

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Tesa® 51026 tapes available at TME are 260µm thick and come in widths from 9 to 50 mm and rolls of 15, 25 and 50 meters. TESA® 51026 tapes are available in a black colour version only.

Material: PET wool
Colour: black
Thickness: 260µm

Symbol Width [mm] Length [m]
TESA-51026-50/25 50 25
TESA-51026-38/25 38 25
TESA-51026-32/25 32 25
TESA-51026-25/25 25 25
TESA-51026-19/50 19 50
TESA-51026-19/25 19 25
TESA-51026-19/15 19 15
TESA-51026-15/25 15 25
TESA-51026-9/50 9 50
TESA-51026-9/25 9 25


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