Miniature 1W DC/DC converters by Recom

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ROE is a series of DC/DC converters with 1W output power. The family of products is manufactured by RECOM, a renowned company specializing in converters.

An advantage of the ROE series is the wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. The products are also characterized by a high degree of I/O isolation (up to 1kV DC) and high efficiency of up to 80%. Thanks to this, solutions by RECOM are universal and can be used in a wide range of applications: IoT, test and measuring instruments, building and industrial automation, consumer electronics.

Miniature 1W DC/DC converters by Recom

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Type of converter: DC/DC
Power: 1W
Enclosure: SIP4
Dimensions: 11.5x6x10mm

Symbol: Description:
ROE-0505S Converter:DC/DC;1W;Uin:4,5÷5,5V;Uout:5VDC;Iout:200mA;SIP4
ROE-0512S Converter:DC/DC;1W;Uin:4.5÷5.5V;Uout:12VDC;Iout:84mA;SIP4
ROE-0515S Converter:DC/DC;1W;Uin:4.5÷5.5V;Uout:15VDC;Iout:66mA;SIP4
ROE-1205S Converter:DC/DC;1W;Uin:10.8÷13.2V;Uout:5VDC;Iout:200mA
ROE-1505S Converter:DC/DC;1W;Uin:10.8÷13.2V;Uout:5VDC;Iout:200mA
ROE-2405S Converter:DC/DC;1W;Uin:21.6÷26.4V;Uout:5VDC;Iout:200mA
ROE-3.305S Converter:DC/DC;1W;Uin:2.97÷2.63V;Uout:5VDC;Iout:200mA


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