Wiznet WiFi Modules - WizFi250

Wiznet WiFi Modules - WizFi250

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WIZNET WiFi modules are characterized by compact size, low energy consumption and advanced power management (to extend battery life), and a good technical support, thereby minimizing the implementation time of the project. The solution is perfect for applications with battery power, especially in mobile applications.
In addition, the start-up kit WIZFI250-EVB is compatible with Arduino UNO (WiFi Shield).

Operating frequency 2.4GHz
WiFi standards IEEE802.11b/g/n
Operating mode Client, Soft AP
Interface UART, SPI
Configuration AT Command, Web
Power consumption Rx: 120 mA / TX: 265 - 385mA
Start-up time below 100 ms
Operating temperature from -20ºC to +85ºC
Dimensions 28 x 20 x 1.9 mm
Symbol Description
WIZFI250 Module: WiFi; Interface: SPI, UART
WIZFI250-H Module: WiFi; Interface: SPI, UART
WIZFI250-EVB Start-up kit: WiFi; Interface: GPIO, SPI, UART, USB


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