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JST waterproof connector of series JWPF

JST waterproof connector of series JWPF

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JWPF series connectors are available in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board versions. They are characterized by tightness classification IPX7. The broad range of the number of pins makes the connectors applicable in many applications.

Symbol Description
02R-JWPF-VSLE-S Plug; wire-to-wire/board; female; PIN:2; 2mm; 100V; 3A
03R-JWPF-VSLE-S Plug; wire-to-wire/board; female; PIN:3; 2mm; 100V; 3A
04R-JWPF-VSLE-S Plug; wire-to-wire/board; female; PIN:4; 2mm; 100V; 3A
06R-JWPF-VSLE-D Plug; wire-to-wire/board; female; PIN:6; 2mm; 100V; 3A
08R-JWPF-VSLE-D Plug; wire-to-wire/board; female; PIN:8; 2mm; 100V; 3A
02T-JWPF-VSLE-S Plug; wire-to-wire; male; PIN:2; 2mm; 100V; 3A
03T-JWPF-VSLE-S Plug; wire-to-wire; male; PIN:3; 2mm; 100V; 3A
04T-JWPF-VSLE-S Plug; wire-to-wire; male; PIN:4; 2mm; 100V; 3A
06T-JWPF-VSLE-D Plug; wire-to-wire; male; PIN:6; 2mm; 100V; 3A
08T-JWPF-VSLE-D Plug; wire-to-wire; male; PIN:8; 2mm; 100V; 3A
B02B-JWPF-SK-R Socket; wire-to-board; male; PIN:2; 2mm; THT; JWPF; 100V; 3A
B03B-JWPF-SK-R Socket; wire-to-board; male; PIN:3; 2mm; THT; JWPF; 100V; 3A
B04B-JWPF-SK-R Socket; wire-to-board; male; PIN:4; 2mm; THT; JWPF; 100V; 3A
B06B-JWPF-SK-R Socket; wire-to-board; male; PIN:6; 2mm; THT; JWPF; 100V; 3A
B02B-JWPF-SK-R Socket; wire-to-board; male; PIN:2; 2mm; THT; JWPF; 100V; 3A
SWPR-001T-P0.25 Contact; female; 0.13÷0.33mm2; 22÷26AWG; JWPF;; tinned; crimped
SWPT-001T-P0.25 Contact; male; 0.13÷0.33mm2; 22÷26AWG; JWPF; tinned; crimped
WC-JWPF Tool: for crimping; Application: terminals; JWPF


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