Powersem single phase rectifier bridges

Powersem single phase rectifier bridges

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POWERSEM single phase rectifier bridges from PSB82 series are characterized by low forward voltage and higher resistance to temperatures. They are made in "glass passivated" technology what results in increased breakdown resistance (3kV insulation voltage). The package is equipped with screw terminals (M5) what ensures easy and quick installation of a bridge.

Basic parameters:

Rated current 72A (module, TC=100ºC)
Operating temperature from -40ºC to +125ºC
Dimensions (without a base) 54mm x 42mm x 30mm
Symbol Description
PSB82/08 Single phase rectifier bridge; 800V; 72A; glass passivated
PSB82/12 Single phase rectifier bridge; 1200V; 72A; glass passivated
PSB82/14 Single phase rectifier bridge; 1400V; 72A; glass passivated
PSB82/16 Single phase rectifier bridge; 1600V; 72A; glass passivated
PSB82/18 Single phase rectifier bridge; 1800V; 72A; glass passivated


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