RT424 series Miniature Relays from TE Connectivity

RT424 series Miniature Relays from TE Connectivity

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RT424 is a very popular series of miniature relays from TE CONNECTIVITY for PCB mounting.

The relays are available with two contact configurations – make-contact or switch – and the switching current of 8A. The series is available with coils for common voltages of 5-110VDC and 24-230VAC.

Symbol Coil voltage Relay version Coil power consumption
RT424005 5VDC monostable 400mW
RT424006 6VDC monostable 400mW
RT424012 12VDC monostable 400mW
RT424024 24VDC monostable 400mW
RT424048 48VDC monostable 400mW
RT424060 60VDC monostable 400mW
RT424110 110VDC monostable 400mW
RT424524 24VAC monostable 750mVA
RT424615 115VAC monostable 750mVA
RT424730 230VAC monostable 750mVA
RT424A12 12VDC bistable (1 coil) 400mW
RT424A24 24VDC bistable (1 coil) 400mW
RT424F05 5VDC bistable (2 coils) 595mW
RT424F12 12VDC bistable (2 coils) 600mW
RT424F24B 24VDC bistable (2 coils) 650mW


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