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LC-HDO4024 digital oscilloscope from TELEDYNE LECROY

LC-HDO4024 digital oscilloscope from TELEDYNE LECROY

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The LC-HDO4024 is a device from TELEDYNE LECROY, an American manufacturer of high quality digital oscilloscopes and protocol analysers. It's a 4-channel oscilloscope with bandwidth up to 200 MHz and memory record length of 12.5 Mpts/ch.

Its HD4096 technology is unique for, among others, its high vertical resolution of 12 bit (which can be digitally upgraded to 15 bit).

Another notable feature is its large (12.1") TFT touch screen which supports 1280 x 800 resolution. Its modern interface enables intuitive operation of the device and provides quick access to its advanced functions.

The LC-HDO4024 oscilloscope has additional options:

  • HDO4K-SPECTRUM – spectrum analyser;
  • HDO4K-EMB – analysis of I2C, SPI, UART protocols;
  • HDO4K-L – memory record extension to 25 Mpts/ch.

It also features a number of original solutions such as: WaveScan (signal search), LabNotebook (report generator) and History Mode (waveform playback). These functions allow users to identify, isolate and export signal anomalies, and quickly solve issues.

Other parameters of the device:

  • sampling: 2.5 Gsps;
  • rise time: 1.75 ns;
  • time base: 200 p...1250 s/div;
  • input impedance: 1 MΩ/15 pF.

Symbol Description
LC-HDO4024 Oscilloscope: digital; Bandwidth: ≤200 MHz; Channels: 4; 12.5 Mpts/ch


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