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TME Simbol: 392245-WH005
Oznaka proizvođača: 392245 WH005
Proizvođač: ALPHA WIRE
Kategorija: Vodiči silikonski jednožilni
Težina bruto: 0.56 kg


Manufacturer ALPHA WIRE
Type of wire assembly
Kind of wire HookUp Wire Silicone
Core structure stranded
Kind of core Cu , tinned
Number of cores 1
Outer insulation material silicone
Insulation colour white
Operating temperature -40...150°C
Rated voltage 15kV
Package contents 30,5m
Cable external diameter 3.05mm
CPR standard no classification
Conforms UL 3239
Core diameter 22AWG

Kind of core:
  • Cu
  • tinned
CPR standard:
  • no classification
  • UL 3239