ADAM TECH precision DIL IC sockets

ADAM TECH precision DIL IC sockets, ICM-306-1-GT, ICM-308-1-GT, ICM-314-1-GT, ICM-316-1-GT |EN|
ManufacturerADAM TECH
Operating temperature-55...85°C
Type of integrated circuit socketDIP
Maximum current1 A
Max. contact resistance:30 mΩ
Contact platinggold-plated
Terminal pitch2.54 mm
Pin diameter0.5 mm
Featuresbushing contacts
Electrical mountingTHT
Symbol Number of pins Row pitch
ICM-306-1-GT 6 7.62
ICM-308-1-GT 8 7.62
ICM-314-1-GT 14 7.62
ICM-316-1-GT 16 7.62
ICM-628-1-GT 28 15.24
ICM-640-1-GT 40 15.24
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