Akyga Power Supply

Type of power supplycomputer
Protectionover current,
short circuit protection,
supply overvoltage
Output plugATX 12V (P4);
MPC ATX 20 + 4pin
Symbol Kind of power supply Protection Notebook supply units features Output plug Power
AK-I2-150 ITX undervoltage fan 4cm SATA; mini-MOLEX 150
AK-I1-200 ITX   fan 4cm SATA x2; MOLEX x2 200
AK-T1-250 TFX undervoltage fan 8cm MOLEX; SATA x3 250
AK-T1-300 TFX undervoltage fan 8cm MOLEX; SATA x3 300
AK-S1-300 SFX undervoltage fan 8cm SATA x2; MOLEX x2 300
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