Alpha Wire 391045

Alpha Wire 391045, 391045-WH005, 391645-WH005, 391845-WH005, 392045-WH005, 392245-WH005 |EN|
ManufacturerALPHA WIRE
Type of wireassembly
Kind of wireHookUp Wire Silicone
Rated volt.15 kV
Outer insulation materialsilicone
Package contents30,5m
Kind of coreCu,
Operating temperature-40...150°C
Insulation colourwhite
Number of cores1
Symbol Cable ext. dia. Core diameter
391045-WH005 5.28 10AWG
391645-WH005 3.81 16AWG
391845-WH005 3.48 18AWG
392045-WH005 3.23 20AWG
392245-WH005 3.05 22AWG
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