ARDUINO MKR shields, ASX00003, ASX00004, ASX00005, ASX00006, ASX00007, ASX00008, ASX00010 |EN|
Type of accessories for development kitsexpansion board
Contacts pitch2.54 mm
ApplicationARDUINO MKR
SeriesArduino Pro
Symbol Kit contents Manufacturer's symbol Components Kind of module Kind of connector Interface Dimensions Usup No. of diodes
[mm] [V DC]
ASX00003 extension board MKR MOTOR CARRIER ATSAMD11D14A-MNT, DRV8871, MC33926PNB servo driver Arduino; pin strips; screw I2C; analog - 3.3 -
ASX00004 extension board ARDUINO MKR 485 SHIELD MAX3157 adaptor, interface Arduino socket; Arduino plug; screw RS485 - 3.3 -
ASX00005 extension board ARDUINO MKR CAN SHIELD MCP2515, TJA1049 adaptor, interface Arduino socket; Arduino plug; snap-on CAN - 3.3 -
ASX00006 extension board ARDUINO MKR ETH SHIELD W5500 adaptor, interface RJ45; Arduino socket; Arduino plug; SD Micro Ethernet - 3.3 -
ASX00007 extension board ARDUINO MKR CONNECTOR CARRIER - adaptor screw terminal; Grove x14 I2C; UART; analog; digital - 3.3 -
ASX00008 extension board ARDUINO MKR MEM SHIELD W25Q16 Flash memory Arduino socket; Arduino plug; SD Micro SPI - 3.3 -
ASX00010 extension board ARDUINO MKR RGB APA102 RGB pin header SPI 61.5x27 3.3 84
ASX00011 extension board ARDUINO MKR ENVIRONMENTAL SHIELD HTS221, LPS22HB, TEMT6000, VEML6075 UV sensor, pressure sensor, lighting sensor, humidity sensor pin strips; pin header I2C; analog 61x25 3.3 -
ASX00012 extension board ARDUINO MKR THERM SHIELD MAX31855K temperature sensor pin strips; pin header; screw 1-wire; SPI 61x25 3.3 -
ASX00017 extension board ARDUINO MKR GPS SHIELD SAM-M8Q GPS Grove; pin strips I2C; UART 45.73x25 3.3 -
TSX00001 header strips; prototype board MKR PROTOSHIELD - prototype board pin header   61.5x25 - -
TSX00002 header strips; prototype board MKR PROTOSHIELD L - prototype board pin header - 80x50 - -
TSX00003 prototype board MKR RELAY PROTO SHIELD G5V13DC relay pin header; solder pads; screw - - 3.3 -
TSX00004 prototype board MKR SD PROTO SHIELD - prototype board microSD - - - -
TSX00005 extension board MKR2UNO ADAPTER - adaptor pin strips; pin header; supply - 68.6x53.4 3.3 -
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