Interface relays, G2RV-SR, G2RV-SL series

Interface relays, G2RV-SR, G2RV-SL series, G2RVSL500110AC, G2RVSL50012DC, G2RVSL500230AC |EN|
VariantRelay set
Type of relayinterface
Contacts configurationSPDT
Max. operating current6 A
Switched voltagemax. 125 V DC
AC load rating @R*6A / 250V AC
DC load rating @R**6A / 30V DC
Contact resistance100
Operate time20 ms
Release time40 ms
Mechanical durability5000000 cycles
Operating temperature-40...55°C
*,** at resistive load
Symbol Ucoil Ucoil Leads
[V DC] [V AC]
G2RVSL500230AC - 230 spring clamps
G2RVSR50024DC 24 - spring clamps
G2RVSR50024ACDC 24 24 spring clamps
G2RVSR500230AC - 230 spring clamps
G2RVSR50124DC 24 - spring clamps
G2RVSR50124ACDC 24 24 spring clamps
G2RVSR70024DC 24 - screw terminals
G2RVSR70024ACDC 24 24 screw terminals
G2RVSR700230AC - 230 screw terminals
G2RVSR70124DC 24 - screw terminals
G2RVSR70124ACDC 24 24 screw terminals
Switched voltage:
Contact material:
Electrical life:
Body dimensions:
Related items (G2RVSL500230AC):
  • P2RVM-100B
Optional equipment (G2RVSR50124DC, G2RVSR50124ACDC, G2RVSR70124DC, G2RVSR70124ACDC):
  • test button with blocking function
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