Schutzinger specialized test probes

Insulator materialpolyamide
Test accessoriestest probe
Contact platingnickel plated
Conform to the normEN61010 600V CAT II
Max. contact resistance:3 mΩ
Current rating1 A
Socket size4 mm
Operating temperature-25...80°C
Featuresfor quick test connection to electric meter
Symbol Colour
ZPK8066NI-BL blue
ZPK8066NI-GE yellow
ZPK8066NI-GN green
ZPK8066NI-RT red
ZPK8066NI-SW black
ZPK8188NI-BL blue
ZPK8188NI-GE yellow
ZPK8188NI-GN green
ZPK8188NI-RT red
ZPK8188NI-SW black
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