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Linecard - AIM-TTI

Aim TTi is a British company formed as a result of merger of TTi (Thulbry Thandar Instruments) and Aim Instruments. Currently, the company is a leading manufacturer of electronic measurement devices and laboratory devices in Europe.

TME's offer includes the following products:

Digital multimeters

- 1908 series bench multimeters with dual 5.5-digit display, high accuracy and resolution of 0.02%, 1µV, 0.1µA, 1mΩ

- USB port and an optional RS232, LXI/LAN, and GPIB interfaces

Function generators

- TG2000 series with up to 20MHz bandwidth and resolution of 1mHz

- TG550 series with up to 5MHz bandwidth, simultaneous reading of frequency and amplitude

- TG251xA/501xA series 1- and 2-channel with up to 50MHz bandwidth and resolution of 1µHz

Signal generators

- TGR2050 series with up to 2000MHz bandwidth and amplitude range of -127dBm to +7dBm

- AM, FM, and PM modulation

Spectrum analyzers

- PSA 2 series portable analyzers with bandwidth up to 2.7GHz and colour 4.7” touch display

- 2 cursors with absolute and differential value readings

- bandwidth frequency of 1MHz, 280KHz, or 15KHz

Laboratory power supply units

- PLH series 1-channel 90W

- single output 120V 90W or 250V 94W, linear adjustment and ultra-compact enclosure

- PL series 1- and 2-channel from 48 to 242W

- outputs from 6V/8A to 60 V/1.5A, linear adjustment and ultra-compact enclosure

- EL-R series 1-, 2-, and 3-channel from 30 to 120W, and EX-R series from 175 to 420W

- separate digital voltage and current measurement for each output. Quiet, fanless cooling system

- CPX series 1- and 2-channel from 360 to 840W

- up to 60V and 20A per channel, LOCK function for settings locking

- QPX series 1- and 2-channel programmable 1200W

- up to 80V and 50A per channel, quick scrolling wheel, current and voltage stabilization mode

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Háromcsatornás MX sorozatú tápegységek az AIM-TTI cégtől

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