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TME - sponsor of RoboComp 2014

TME - sponsor of RoboComp 2014

Our company was pleased to be one of the sponsors of the robotic competition "RoboComp 2014", which took place on 25 October 2014 in Krakow. Competitors faced up in 11 competitions, which were divided into major and demonstration.

Major categories:- Husarion MiniSumo

  • Delphi StandardSumo
  • LineFollower
  • LineFollower Enhanced
  • MicroMouse
  • Motorola Solutions Fresstyle

Demonstration categories:- LineFollower Light

  • LegoSumo
  • MicroSumo
  • Delphi NanoSumo
  • Walker Robot Race

The competition was opened for the public, which attracted a wide audience. We are glad that we could support such an interesting initiative and young hobbysts.

RoboComp 2014 RoboComp 2014
RoboComp 2014 RoboComp 2014
RoboComp 2014 RoboComp 2014
RoboComp 2014 RoboComp 2014


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