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REGO12 controllers – automatic power factor correction


REGO12 controllers – automatic power factor correction

REGO12 controllers – automatic power factor correction

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REGO controllers are designed for automatic adjustment of power factor through proper powering up capacitors’ batteries.
They are characterized with a high resolution and accuracy in power compensation and intuitive operation.
REGO12 is equipped with 7 up to 12 transmitting outputs with the switching power of 1500VA (250V AC). It can operate in the IT network allowing data exchange with other DUCATI devices.

The controller is equipped with protection system that comprises of:

  • voltage control – signalling of increased voltage on transmitters, which maintains for more than 30 sec. The control is active at the capacitor’s battery switched on and off.
  • thermal protection – activated when air temperature is above a pre-determined limit for at least 15 sec.
  • protection against harmonic frequencies – it protects capacitors against the excess of harmonic frequencies
  • incorrect power factor control – signalling of a too low level of cosφ, despite of all condensers batteries being switched on. The above condition is signalled when it remains for at least two hours
  • protection against lack of voltage – transmitters’ switch off takes place when voltage fading lasts for at least 2 periods. When the voltage is recovered, controller automatically returns to its previous settings.

REGO12 is equipped with RS485 port.

Symbol Description
REGO12 Reactive power control module, Sequence: 1:1:1, 1:2:2, 1:2:4