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CBB60G motor capacitors


CBB60G motor capacitors

CBB60G motor capacitors

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Popular series of CBB60G motor capacitors is now available in TME’s range of products. Capacitors are equipped with leakproof enclosure made of plastic and conductor terminals with M4 ring terminals. Wide range of capacities is available in our warehouse.

Characteristic features:
- small dimensions
- low-inductive bundle made of metal plated polypropylene foil
- self-healing effect
- UL, CE, TUV certificates

operating frequency :50/60Hz
operating voltage :450V
tolerance :10%
climate class :40/85/21
- household appliances
- water pumps
- workshop power tools

Symbol Capacity
CBB60G-2.5/450 2,5
CBB60G-3/450 3
CBB60G-6/450 6
CBB60G-8/450 8
CBB60G-10/450 10
CBB60G-16/450 16
CBB60G-20/450 20
CBB60G-30/450 30