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StrongIRFET™ - the latest family of International Rectifier transistors

StrongIRFET™ - the latest family of Rectifier transistors

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TME’s offer has been enriched with new INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER , StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFET family transistors.

The manufacturer put special emphasis on achieving minimum resistance of a channel in conductivity state (R DS(on) ). It allows increasing the maximum conduction current by an element, in compliance with the same case dimensions as well as manner of heat spreading. Their usage in existing applications helps limit power losses and heat emission in the equipment.

StrongIRFET™ family elements have been designed mainly for industrial market, solar applications, UPS’s, inverters and control units for motors, battery packs, battery powered tools, electric vehicles and “Oring” and “Hot Swap” applications..

Symbol Drain-source voltage Drain current Power Case
[V] [A] [W]
IRFP7430PBF 40 404 366 TO247AC
IRFB7434PBF 40 317 294 TO220AB
IRFB7437PBF 40 250 230 TO220AB
IRFB7430PBF 40 409 375 TO220AB
IRFB7440PBF 40 208 208 TO220AB
IRFB7446PBF 40 123 99 TO220AB
IRFH7440TRPBF 40 85 104 PQFN5X6
IRFH7446TRPBF 40 117 78 PQFN5X6


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