TE Connectivity (Corcom) compact, two-stage RFI filter

TE Connectivity (Corcom) compact, two-stage RFI filter

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EMC is the most compact series of filters available in TME’s offer with the maximum working current amperage of up to 30A. The series of EMC filters has been designed for equipment that must be compliant with CISPR (Special International Committee on Radio Interference) electromagnetic standard requirements in Europe and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) specifications in the USA. It has been developed in such a way as to reduce noise emitted by this equipment to acceptable limits. The EMC filters suppress interferences in lower range of frequency. This type of operation is dedicated to motors and switched power supplies.

Characteristic features of the 10EMC1 filter:
Manufacturer’s symbol 1-6609037-3
Max operating current: 10A
Operating voltage: 250V AC
Outputs: 6,3mm connectors
Leakage current 250V AC 50Hz : 43mA
Symbol Description
10EMC1 Filter: suppression; 250VAC; I operating max: 10A; Ir: 0,43mA


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