TME supported ARES 2 rover building


TME supported ARES 2 rover building

TME supported ARES 2 rover building


This year TME became part of ERIS project. It was created by Warsaw University of Technology. We delivered components, which were essential to build ARES 2 rover. It took part in a well known University Rover Challenge 2015 in USA and finished in the 8th place!

During the competition it was presented in 5 tasks:

  • Sample Return,
  • Astronaut Assistance,
  • Equipment Servicing,
  • Terrain Traversing,
  • Presentation.

You could also have seen ARES 2 in the European Rover Challenge, where it was placed in the 11th position. ERC is an incredible space-robotic event. In this year’s edition 27 teams from all over the world took part!

Check out our photo gallery from URC!




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