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AC Voltage Cliffcon Multi Pin Connectors

AC Voltage Cliffcon Multi Pin Connectors

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The TME offer has been enriched with CLIFFCON multipin connectors made by the British company CLIFF. Thanks to their unique features they can be used in numerous applications.

CLIFFcon series connectors are characterize by:

  • simple construction
  • shape that makes it impossible to touch the pins alive
  • leading (stuck out) ground contact
  • easy locking of the connector with socket, preventing from accidental disconnection
  • a few ways of leads connection (soldering, screw clamps, connection with the connectors)
  • high nominal currents (20A/pin for 4pin version; 10A/pin for 8pin version)
  • nominal voltage 250 VAC
  • operating temperature from -25°C to +80°C

Symbol Description
CL20673 CLIFFCON 4pin connector 250VAC 20A angle
CL2069C CLIFFCON 4pin socket 250VAC 20A
CL2070 CLIFFCON protective cover for 8pin sockets
CL2072 CLIFFCON 8pin connector 250VAC 10A angle
CL2074 CLIFFCON 8pin socket 250VAC 10A


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