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SMD quartz crystals from YIC

SMD quartz crystals from YIC

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Quarto crystals in SMD case are another new item in TME offer. The components are available in two case sizes 2.1x2.6mm (XT224) and 2.7x3.4mm (XT324). Frequencies available for customers are contained within the range of 16MHz to 32MHz.
Application: wireless communication devices e.g. WiFi and Bluetooth, mobile phones, USB ports.

Symbol Frequency [MHz] Dimension [mm]
16.00M-SMDXT224 16 2.1x2.6
16.00M-SMDXT324 16 2.7x3.4
20.00M-SMDXT224 20 2.1x2.6
20.00M-SMDXT324 20 2.7x3.4
24.00M-SMDXT224 24 2.1x2.6
24.00M-SMDXT324 24 2.7x3.4
25.00M-SMDXT224 25 2.1x2.6
25.00M-SMDXT324 25 2.7x3.4
26.00M-SMDXT224 26 2.1x2.6
30.00M-SMDXT324 30 2.7x3.4
32.00M-SMDXT224 32 2.1x2.6
32.00M-SMDXT324 32 2.7x3.4


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