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    All products: OMRON OCB

    Number of products that meet the following criteria: 1570

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    Manufacturer  [1570] 
    Type of switch  [751] 
    Type of relay  [714] 
    Type of sensor  [55] 
    Type of switch...  [32] 
    Type of connector  [13] 
    Type of sensors...  [3] 
    Type of converter  [2] 
    Operating temperature  [1528] 
    Contacts configuration  [1303] 
    Mounting  [1066] 
    DC contacts rating @R  [999] 
    Terminal pitch  [894] 
    Leads  [795] 
    AC contacts rating @R  [773] 
    Number of positions  [750] 
    Stable positions number  [746] 
    Body dimensions  [738] 
    Switching method  [718] 
    Relay variant  [714] 
    Switched voltage  [714] 
    Manufacturer series  [696] 
    Switches features  [645] 
    Operating Force  [569]