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Drone competition on the skies over Katowice


Droniada is an event organized for all drone fans in Poland. 6 teams competed at the Silesian Aeroclub in Katowice, whose efforts could be admired both live and online. This year, the organizers set extremely demanding tasks for the participants. In the "Emergency Corridor" task, drones had to locate a vehicle which was obstructing the passage through the emergency corridor on a reconstructed part of a motorway and take a picture of its license plate. In turn, the aim of the “Three Colours” task was to show how drones can be applied in modern agriculture, e.g. in detecting plant disease outbreaks. The team of Avionika MelAvio's Scientific Club from Warsaw University of Technology won the competition. Congratulations!

Apart from the competition itself, Droniada is also a meeting of enthusiasts who, during workshops and meetings with experts, can broaden their knowledge and inspire each other in creating new solutions.



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