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Universal enclosures from HAMMOND


NOTE! Currently, all the enclosures from HAMMOND are available at discounted prices (special offer applies to the second and third quantity thresholds). The products are delivered directly from TME warehouses and shipped within 24 hours. Our company delivers shipments to all European countries.


In many cases, electronic projects are designed to be placed in a standard enclosure produced by an external manufacturer. This facilitates the production process, most of all. What is more, by choosing a branded enclosure consisting of precisely prefabricated components, the manufacturer additionally improves the quality of the end product. An electronic circuit placed in a tightly sealed enclosure made of durable materials will work properly for a longer time. It will also be more resistant to the influence of many harmful external factors and more pleasant to the eye. What is crucial is the fact that electronic devices must be produced in accordance with a number of standards requiring good insulation of the circuits for the safety of use purposes.

Keeping all the benefits connected with the installation of high-quality enclosures in mind, we recommend that our clients get acquainted with products by HAMMOND. It is an American company with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing top-quality accessories for electric and electronic devices. Those are, above all, specialised enclosures designed to be used in professional devices, from remote controls to multi-bay control cabinets.

In TME’s offer, numerous products from HAMMOND can be found in nearly every category of enclosures. Below, we present a detailed view of two series to illustrate the quality and carefully thought-out design of products from this American manufacturer. All the clients seeking the right enclosure for their products are invited to our catalogue, where you can get acquainted with a wide offer of the HAMMOND brand. The products on the TME’s website are waiting for their buyers in our warehouses, ready to be dispatched within 24 hours.

HM-1455A802BU An example of an aluminium enclosure from HAMMOND.

See the full offer of products from HAMMOND

Ergonomic remote control enclosures from the HM-1552 series

The HM-1552 series was designed as an ergonomic component for constructing remote controls . Those can be small-sized machine circuit breakers or more complicated devices, for example, hospital bed controllers. Products from the HM-1552 series include not only buttons, but also a PCB. Therefore, the signal sent from the remote control does not have to be binary, but it can be, for example, transmitted wirelessly via an IR diode or by wire, using a protocol operated by the target device. The enclosures are made from ABS and are IP54 rated, which makes them resistant to dust (typical, for example, of machine parks) and splash-proof. Thanks to its plastic structure and removable panels, they can be easily adjusted to various applications. The HM-1552 series enclosures fit perfectly in hand, but might just as well be used in creating desktop devices.

HM-1552C1GY A typical enclosure from the HM-1552 series

HAMMOND, via TME, also offers accessories to the enclosures from the HM-1552 series. Those are, above all, two types of products. The first one are perfectly-fitted strain reliefs, designed to be inserted into the front or rear enclosure panel. As a part of the set, you can also find a set of mounting crews and a cable block. The second type of popular accessories are wall brackets. It is the best way to store a ready-to-use device: it will be always easily available and, at the same time, protected from mechanical damage.

HM-1552CPGKITBK A slide-on strain relief from the HM-1552 series

HM-1557 series in the TME catalogue

Tight and aesthetic enclosures from the HM-1557 series

The HM-1557 series are the square-based enclosures, available in dimensions with the side length from 80mm to 200mm. They were designed to protect the PCBs in an IP66 (ABS variant) or IP68 (polycarbonate structure) rated tight closure. The last two can be used outside the buildings, as they were made resistant to UV radiation and they also meet the American UL94-5VA flammability rating The curved edges of the enclosures contribute to their modern and light look, so that they can be successfully used to produce neatly looking consumer devices. The enclosure’s cover is mounted with screws made from acid resistant steel and silicon gaskets provided in the set. Spaces between the elements have been grooved in such a way as to provide maximum protection from dust, oil, water and other harmful factors.

HM-1557FA2BK Enclosure from the HM-1557 series made of polycarbonate.

Along with the products from the HM-1557 series, there are also brackets for on-wall product mounting (without a need to make any additional holes in the enclosure) provided in the set.

HM-1557 series in the TME catalogue


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