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H57 series counters

H57 series counters

TME’s offer has been extended with new H57 series working time electromechanical counters manufactured by Kubler.Presented counters are used in different applications requiring high reliability of time counting. The H57 series offers wide opportunities of cooperation with various systems and its high quality is confirmed by a 5-year warranty issued by Kluber company.


Counter type: electromechanical
Counting value: workin time
Working temperature: -15…50°C
Mounting: DIN, panel
Enclosure dimensions: 46x48x28mm
Mounting hole dimensions: 45x45mm
Display height: 4mm


Symbol Counting scope Supply source
H57-12VDC 999999,99h 10...30VDC
H57-230VAC 99999,99h 187...264VAC 50Hz


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