DIOTEC Semiconductive discrete elements now available at TME

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Transfer Multisort Elektronik and DIOTEC companies have concluded an agreement for distribution in Europe.

TME’s offer has been extended with a wide variety of top quality bipolar transistors rectifying diodes, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes, transil diodes, high-voltage diodes and single and three phase bridge rectifiers.

Diotec is a manufacturer with a 30-year experience. The company offers both classic semi-conductive discrete elements (diodes, rectifying bridges) as well as special solutions e.g. untypical enclosures. Particular stress is placed on the efficiency (waste minimization) and components miniaturization (e.g. MYS family bridges with the dimensions of 3x3mm).

High quality and well-thought design allows to offer e.g. 5W Zener diodes, high voltage Schottky diodes or high-voltage elements up to 2300V (in case of SMG elements) or up to 18000V for axial leads elements.

Particular attention should also be drawn to manufacturer’s well designed Website offering a vast expertise base both about elements as well as e.g. their mounting.


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