Ambersil was founded over 60 years ago in the United Kingdom, and currently holds the position of the pioneer on the aerosol market in Europe. Ambersil is a part of a global group CRC Industries.

The Ambersil brand provides engineers and maintenance professionals with exceptional product quality and performance. It is a leading manufacturer of chemical products, offering an exceptionally wide product range. Ambersil aerosols are environment-friendly. Since 1998, they are completely free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), in accordance with Directive 2002/95/EC. Ambersil has the ISO 14001:2004 certificate.

Ambersil products are approved by large organisations and government bodies, including: NATO, Rolls Royce, Ford, Rail Operators, Boeing, NSF, and many more.

Ambersil chemicals available at TME:

  • Preservative and cleaning agents,
  • Lubricants,
  • Protective and screening agents.

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