Our information newsletter contains information on events, promotions, new products that are being systematically added to our offer and on the changes in the on-line service functioning, in the ordering system and co-operation terms with TME.

To subscribe to the list of the newsletter subscribers, use the "newsletter" module on the main page or the “Newsletter” tab in the “Customer’s Account”. Just select the language in which the information is to be sent and confirm the selection.

After having subscribed to the newsletter list you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your willingness to receive the subscription. Follow the tips enclosed in it.

In the “Newsletter” tab in the “Customer’s Account” you can also declare the language which you wish to receive the information in from TME. If such a language version is created, you will be automatically assigned to it.

At any time you can easily quit receiving our newsletter. You can do it by using the “newsletter” module on the main page or by using the “Newsletter” tab in the “Customer’s Account”. After having selected an option “discontinue receiving the newsletter” you will receive an email with the confirmation of your address removal from our recipients list. Your address will be removed from our database and you will no longer receive e-mails from us.

To help you get easier access to the information, we have created an online newsletter. It is situated on the site, to which the link “File” leads that is located in the newsletter subscription module.


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