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Warranty conditions


  1. As an importer of goods with its registered office in Žilina in the Slovak Republic, TME Slovakia s.r.o., hereinafter referred to as TME Slovakia s.r.o., grants to the buyer a binding warranty for the period of ........... from the date of purchase of the device.

  2. The geographical scope of warranty protection covers the territory of the Slovak Republic.

  3. The warranty period starts from the moment the goods are handed over to the consumer.

  4. In the case of a buyer who is not a consumer, the warranty period begins when the buyer assumes the risk associated with the purchased device.

  5. Only the owner of the goods may exercise the rights resulting from the warranty.

  6. If the user wants to avoid damage to the product, we recommend that he should read the user manual in detail, then follow the relevant instructions and avoid exceeding the maximum operating parameters of the device.

  7. The warranty does not cover defects of the device resulting from causes other than hidden ones: in particular, it applies to mechanical, chemical or thermal damage, corrosion, damage caused by external factors independent of TME Slovakia s.r.o., as well as damage caused by the use of the device in a manner that is inconsistent with its intended purpose and recommendations contained in the user manual or safety manual.

  8. If it turns out that there has been damage to protective seals, mechanical damage or if the device has been disassembled by unauthorized persons and in an unprofessional manner (e.g. broken), the warranty shall not apply.

  9. The warranty gives [the buyer] the right to free repairs of the purchased equipment, the purpose of which is to remove physical defects found during the warranty period. The method of repairing the device shall be decided by the entity providing the warranty service. At its own discretion, TME Slovakia s.r.o. may suggest replacing the device with a new, safe one instead of repairing it. The guarantee does not entitle [the buyer] to demand replacement of the device with a new, non-defective one or to withdraw from the purchase agreement and have the price paid for the device returned.

  10. The buyer must state the following in the complaint form:

    • in the case of natural persons [individuals]: name, surname, address (town, post code, street, house and apartment number), telephone number (or contact phone numbers) of the buyer,
    • in the case of legal persons or institutions: buyer’s name, address, registered office, contact telephone number,
    • date of purchase, model, serial number of the device,
    • description of the failure of the device covered by the warranty.
  11. The failures which prevent the use of the device in accordance with its intended purpose and which occur during the warranty period will be removed free of charge within 30 days from the delivery of the device to the seat of TME Slovakia s.r.o., subject to point 11.

  12. Any repair or replacement of the product, must take into account its properties and intended purpose and be carried out within a reasonable time and without undue delay.

  13. The buyer is obliged to deliver the equipment to the seat of TME Slovakia s.r.o. at buyer’s own expense, after obtaining consent from TME Slovakia s.r.o.’s employee.

  14. The warranty period is then extended by the period starting on the date of notification of the failure and ending on the date of completing the repair.

  15. The warranty does not cover those parts of the device that are made of glass, batteries, wires, cabinets and materials that are subject to normal wear and tear during use (e.g. blades, needles, carbon brushes, etc.). Heating components can only be replaced once during the warranty period.

  16. Pursuant to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act, Journal of Laws No. 42, 2002, TME Slovakia s.r.o. informs the buyer that the transfer of personal data as stipulated in point 8 of the warranty card in the event of a complaint or its processing is voluntary. By making his personal data available, the buyer agrees to the storage and processing of his data by TME Slovakia, s.r.o. seated in Žilina, Martina Rázusa 23A/8336, REGON no.: 45 241 791 and at the same time by its sole shareholder – Transfer Multisort Elektronik sp. z o.o. z siedzibą ul. Ustronna 41, Łódź 93-350, for the purposes related to the exercise of the rights arising from the warranty. The buyer has the right to access his personal data, to change them and demand their removal.

  17. The warranty for the goods sold does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer - consumer in relation to the defects of the goods.

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