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Infineon Technologies AG is a German company headquartered in Neubiberg near Munich, operating mainly in the semiconductor market since 1999 and originating from Siemens AG.

Infineon AG is the world's largest manufacturer of power semiconductor components - discrete components and power modules. This position was consolidated with the acquisition in 2015, of the company - International Rectifier (IRF), thus complementing its products portfolio with the most important group of MOSFET transistors.

Infineon Technologies has focused on four key business segments, creating for each of them a specialized group of people called divisions:

  • Automotive (ATV) - division focused on the development and manufacture of solutions and components intended for use in the automotive industry. The components offered are certified for use in vehicles. They are mainly micro-controllers, sensors, transistors, communications systems, radar solutions, and other components to improve comfort and safety.
  • Industrial Power Control (IPC) - power semiconductor components intended for the processing and distribution of electricity, where particular emphasis is placed on reducing power loss. These solutions are used in wind power plants, solar solutions, power supplies and inverters for motors.
  • Power Management & Multimarket (PMM) - the most extensive group of popular semiconductor components used in consumer electronics, industrial automation, motor controls, power supplies, and lighting solutions.
  • Chip Card & Security - special solutions for data protection.

Infineon offer also include:

  • diodes and high power thyristors,
  • MOSFET and IGBT transistors and modules,
  • AC-DC and DC-DC integrated circuit converters,
  • integrated circuit voltage regulators,
  • gate and motor drivers
  • intelligent power modules (IPM)
  • 8051 micro-controllers as well as 16 and 32-bit micro-controllers
  • magnetic sensors,
  • automotive components,
  • SiC technology components,
  • radio communication solutions.

Infineon Technologies is involved in the development of new products, particularly in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), industrial solutions (Industry 4.0), efficiency of Semiconductor components, mobile technologies, data security, and more.

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