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IXYSIXYS Corporation was established in 1983, and it is headquartered in Milpitas, California. This manufacturer specialises in power semiconductors.

IXYS Corporation is comprised of departments with different specialties that are often parts of other companies acquired by IXYS (e.g. Westcode, Zilog, or the 4-bit and 8-bit Samsung microcontroller lines). The company is a world-leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, in particular Power MOS (Metal-Oxide-Silicon), bipolar transistors, solid state relays, analogue and mixed integrated circuits, drivers, high-frequency power solutions, and others.

In 2017, IXYS was incorporated in the Littelfuse Group, complementing the range of this manufacturer's semiconductors.

  • The offer includes the following product groups:
  • MOSFET transistors and modules,
  • IGBT transistors and modules,
  • rectifier, switching, and safety diodes,
  • bridge rectifiers,
  • thyristors,
  • thyristor and diode-thyristor modules,
  • drivers,
  • SSRs,
  • optocouplers and optical isolators,
  • Power Management systems.

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