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KEMET is one of the largest global manufacturers of passives. The history of the brand begins in 1919, and its current structure formed in 1990. Although KEMET is best known as a manufacturer of capacitors, its offer expands towards high quality inductive components.

KEMET offers a wide range of capacitors designed for extended lifetime and use in mass production. The largest group in TME's offer are polypropylene and polyester capacitors, used in high frequency circuits, automotive applications, power supply systems, and other applications requiring stable operation. Typical assortment, such as electrolytic, ceramic, and tantalum capacitors is complemented by products dedicated for specific applications, such as filtering capacitors for drives, lamps, etc. The majority of KEMET capacitors have their counterparts for SMD mounting. The manufacturer also offers MLCC capacitors for various applications thanks to a wide scope of parameters.

KEMET's assortment in the area of filtering and inductive components continually expands as well. It comprises e.g. power supply suppression filters, including 3-phase filters, available in housings designed for various conditions and applications, also for THT mounting. Furthermore, KEMET designs and manufactures high quality shielding matts.

KEMET products are used e.g. in ICT applications, medical and military equipment.

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