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Linecard - LITEON

Founded in 1975, Lite-On Technology is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of optical components in the world. Thanks to the extensive product range covering among others: THT and SMD LED diodes, power LED diodes, LED displays, backlights, matrices and many others, the company has gained a reputation as one of the leading providers of comprehensive solutions for optoelectronic devices.

The components and sub-assemblies of Lite-On are widely used by leading companies offering computer products, consumer electronics and communications equipment. Lite-On products find application, among others: in indicators and displays of home electronic devices, illumination of personal mobile devices, sensors for optoelectronics industry or light sources for daily and specialist application.

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7-segment SMT LED display by LITEON

7-segment SMT LED display by LITEON

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LED displays from LITEON

Programmable RGB LEDs by LITEON

A combination of RGB LED and a driver in one housing

Ultraviolet diodes from LITEON

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UV-A ultraviolet LEDs from Liteon

White SMD LEDs in 5630 package

LEDs for sterilization with UV-C light

LEDs for sterilization with UV-C light

Effective disinfection using Liteon UV-C LEDs.

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