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Littelfuse is an international company with headquarters in the USA and numerous offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company sets standards in the electrical circuit protection industry. Its products have been used in NASA's space missions and have been recognized as a model for automotive security around the world. The development of the company has resulted in the expansion of its offer, which includes, among others:

Fuses and circuit breakers:

Littelfuse is a manufacturer of the widest range of fuses. Since 1982 the company has been offering fuses for commercial and industrial applications. Thanks to their innovative character, these products can be used in any possible application.

Littelfuse specializes in the production of fuses for:

  • industry with high power devices,
  • automotive applications,
  • THT and SMD installation in the production of electrical equipment,
  • commercial applications in the popular tube-shaped casing,
  • hazardous areas, e.g. underground mines,
  • military applications where high reliability is required,
  • medium voltage installations.

The offer is complemented by fuse sockets. The offer is based on the method of mounting the socket and the type of fuse. The available sockets include:

  • panel-mounted,
  • PCB mounted,
  • wire-mounted.

When it comes to the type of fuse, Littelfuse offers sockets for tube and car fuses.


Apart from a wide range of safety elements, Littelfuse has also introduced semiconductor solutions to its offer. Initially, these were components for surge protection - TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) diodes, SIDACtor® protection thyristors and LED protection solutions. Next, the offer was expanded with classic semiconductors gathered in the group of power semiconductors, the scope of which was further strengthened by taking over part of the offer from ON Semiconductor and taking over IXYS Corp. - a leader in the field of power semiconductors.

Littelfuse offers semiconductors such as:

  • Safety diodes (TVS - Transient Voltage Suppressor diode), uni- and bidirectional polarities, for THT and SMD mounting, with peak power ratings from 400W to 30kW and current up to 15kA;
  • Diode arrays and matrices, protective components fitted in SMD housings, for the protection of signal lines, I/O interfaces and the like;
  • PLED – semiconductor LED protections;
  • SIDACtor® - safety thyristors;
  • Rectifier diodes (including ultra-fast ones) and Schottky diodes;
  • Diode modules with the operating current of up to 200A;
  • Thyristors (SCR, TRIAC, SIDAC, QUADRAC) and thyristor modules;
  • IGBT transistors (especially for ignition solutions) and IGBT modules;
  • MOSFET diodes and transistors based on SiC (silicon carbide) technology;
  • Integrated circuits and discrete IXYS components.

Passive components:

Littelfuse is also a well-known manufacturer of varistors and surge protectors used to protect devices against too high voltage. These elements can be found in almost every electronic application powered from the power network. The elements are available in THT and SMD enclosures.

With regard to the requirements of the application, available components include:

  • ZA and LA disk varistors for the protection of low and medium voltage circuits;
  • MOV varistors with thermal protection;
  • Compact CG/CG2 surge protectors, ideal for the protection of telecommunication equipment and other equipment requiring a limitation even at low voltage;
  • PulseGuard devices for protection of electronic equipment against electrostatic discharge.

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