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Linecard - MOLEX

Molex is an American company established in 1938 and over the past 80 years, it has become one of the world’s leading producers of electrical, electronic and optical connectors, as well as cables, switches and application tooling. Molex products have become an integral part of a broad spectrum of applications, such as telecom and computer networking, consumer appliances, transportation and mobile phones.

Molex’s products are widely applied in consumer electronics, including surface-mount and through-hole connectors for PCBs, e.g. connectors with various pitch options (1 – 10 mm), pin connectors, and also FFC connectors and cable solutions.

Thanks to the company’s diverse portfolio, Molex products have a wide range of applications – such as networking, industrial and automotive devices. In the case of the latter, Molex offers dedicated solutions for the automotive industry (for example CMC & MX150 connectors). Industrial solutions offered by Molex include highly-reliable connectors that can be used even in the harshest environments, for example HDC connectors.

For many years, Molex has been expanding its range of products and tailoring it to the needs of continually evolving communications technology. Recently introduced Molex brand products include, among others, antennas for IoT devices, GPS, GSM and wireless data transmission modules. These products are adapted to industrial, as well as prototypical applications (e.g. Arduino boards and modules).

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