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Linecard - OMRON

Omron is an international company with its headquarters in Japan and 33 000
employees working in 36 countries all around the world. The company was established in 1930 as trouser press manufacturer. Over the following years Omron has become global leader in sensing and control components. The company has brought to market a number of innovations being the world’s firsts such as: non-contact proximity switch, automatic traffic signal, ticket vending machine, automated train station system, and automatic cancer cell diagnostic equipment. The company is named after Omuro – an ancient temple which once stood in Japan.


  • relays: PCB, automotive, general purpose
  • solid state relays
  • microswitches, DIP Switches, tactile switches
  • photomicrosensors, optical devices
  • sensors: flow, tilt, pressure
  • connectors: FCP, PCB, sensor I/O

Industrial Automation

  • automation systems: PLC, HMI, remote I/O
  • motion and drives: motion controllers, servo systems
  • sensors: photoelectric, inductive, rotary, measurement, vision, fibre optic
  • emergency and safety switches
  • pushbutton and limit switches, electromechanical relays
  • temperature controllers, timers, counters, programmable relays, panel indicators
  • power supplies

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