Pololu specializes in universal electronic modules and mechanical components that are used, among
others, in the construction of robots. Its electronic and mechanical components are often used by companies creating prototype systems and by electronics hobbyist.

A wide range of Pololu power modules with step up, step down and step up/step down converters allow to achieve output voltages in the range 1.8-15V, making these modules a perfect replacements for popular linear stabilizers. In addition, they are also characterized by small size.

Especially popular Pololu motors with variable gear ratio are suited for many applications. Numerous accessories such as mounting and wheels made ​​these complete drives popular among designers of small mobile devices. They are complemented with modular Pololu motor controllers, designed for both DC and stepper motors. TME offer also includes tracked and wheeled chassis for Pololu robots.

The offer, which is ideal for constructing prototypes, includes Pololu sensor modules. They contain such sensors as accelerometers, gyroscopes, distance, current, and even EMG (aka muscle sensors).

The elaborate documentation, large versatility and careful workmanship make Pololu modules and engines desirable in many electronic devices, not only as parts for robots.

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