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Texas Instruments (TI) is a leading American manufacturer of semiconductors. The company headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas.

Texas Instruments was established in 1930. From the very beginning, it has been a pioneer in developing new solutions for electronics industry. In 1954, Texas Instruments marketed the very first pocket transistor radio. In 1961, Texas Instruments (TI) presented a working computer using integrated circuits, whereas in 1977, the company released one of the first pocket calculators.

Texas Instruments focuses on delivering innovative technologies and providing its customers with a full range of products currently used in electronics.

Texas Instruments concentrates on the development of digital, analogue and mixed signal circuits and peripheries, as well as voltage regulators, switched regulators and microcontrollers. Currently, Texas Instruments has over 40 thousand registered patents, and it manufactures operational amplifiers, interfaces, drivers, comparators, transmitters, controllers, microcontrollers, A/D and D/A converters and temperature converters, stabilizers and regulators, and development kits.

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