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Vishay Intertechnology is a leading manufacturer of discrete semiconductor devices as well as passive electronic components.

The company was founded in 1962 and started its business activity from manufacturing foil resistors and strain gauges. Starting from 1985, the company, with the vast experience and strong market position, has led a strategy of development by taking over different companies manufacturing widely understood electronics. Among companies which now belong to Vishay, there are: Siliconix, Telefunken, IR department of Infineon, General Semiconductor, Dale, Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, BC Components and Beyschlag. In 2007, in line with the expansion policy, Vishay took over selected product lines of International Rectifier.

Presently, the company’s offer is represented by 30 internal brands and used in all branches of industry.

Among the offered products, the following can be distinguished:

  • resistors: foil, wire-wound – in the full range of resistance and tolerance
  • resistor networks
  • potentiometers and trimmers: foil, wire-wound, cermet (single-rotation and multiple rotation)
  • thermistors: NTC, PTC
  • varistors
  • motion transducers: line and rotary
  • inductances: coils, chokes, filters, ferrite beads
  • oscillators, quartzes
  • capacitors: electrolytic, foil, ceramic, tantalum
  • strain gauges: line, rosettes
  • semiconductor relays
  • diodes: small signal, bridges, Schottky, Zener, protective, rectifying, avalanche , fast and ultra-fast, in the following technologies: FlipKY®, TMBS™, FRED Pt™, HEXFRED®
  • MOSFET transistors in technologies: MICRO FOOT®, PowerPAK®, PolarPAK®, ChipFET®, PowerPAIR™, SkyFET™, TrenchFET®
  • thyristors: maximum conduction current over 800 A
  • modules: diode, thyristor, IGBT, MOSFET, bridges
  • integrated circuits: analogue and digital circuits, DC/DC converters, controllers and regulators
  • LED diodes – enclosures: PLCC, CLCC, technologies: Little Star®, TELUX™
  • displays: touchscreen, plasma, LCD, LED
  • optoelectronics: infrared (IR) transceivers, optic sensors, transoptors
  • advanced measuring technologies

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