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Managing products

Under the button “Manage products”, we will find the management panel for products added to the comparison table.  

1. Sorting

Here, we can sort out products in two fields - if one sorting criterion is not enough, we can use the second, a different criterion. Both methods of sorting can be done in ascending or descending order. 

2. Adding products

Here, you can also directly add a product - just enter, among others 2 characters and the comparison tool will automatically prompt you to several of the most similar symbols.

3. Hiding /displaying products

Using the checkboxes in the products management panel, check or uncheck products that will be included in the comparison. 

You may use additional functions with the help of dedicated buttons:

  • hide all products,

  • display all products compared,

  • reverse selection (previously hidden products become visible and visible products are hidden)

  • hide with no stock.

4. Removing products from the comparison tool

There are two ways of removing products from the comparison:

  • individually: by clicking the waste bin icon at the end of every line with a product symbol,
  • all: with the button “Remove all”.

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