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Product availability – notification system

The system for notification of product availability is a feature that allows you to monitor fluctuating stock levels at TME.

There are two types of notifications:

  • one-time notification when the stock reaches the level of your total demand
  • multiple notifications when stock increases, but not enough to satisfy your demand. This notification is sent several times until the stock reaches your total demand.

Notifications can be activated from:

  • the catalogue 

  • Favourites tab

  • product card

  • Quick Buy

  • shopping cart (when a product with a stock = 0 at the time of ordering is removed from the shopping cart)

To activate notifications, click on the “bell” icon next to the product, enter the desired quantity and confirm your selection with the “save” button.

If the notification is to be sent upon every increase in stock, when activating it, you should tick the checkbox in the frame. This type of notification is active until the stock covers the demand in 100%.

All information about active notifications can be found in “Notifications” panel, available after login.

Notification settings can be freely modified. Simply click on the desired quantity, make changes and then confirm them with the “save” button.

The notification feature can be deactivated:

  • in the panel – by ticking the checkbox next to the product and then pressing the “delete” button,
  • in the catalogue, Quick Buy, in the Favourites tab or in the product card – after clicking on the notification icon and pressing the “delete” button.

If want like to disable the suggestion to add a notification when deleting items with zero stock from the shopping cart, just click the button: “Cancel and never ask again”.

You can reactivate this message by selecting an appropriate option in the notification panel. 

The notification panel features an option to filter products according to:

  • TME symbol,
  • Customer symbol,
  • manufacturer’s symbol,
  • name of the manufacturer,
  • product description.

Notifications are sent to the e-mail address of the logged-in person. You can check it in the “Your account → Contact details” panel.

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