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Wi-Fi programmable Timer


In order to automate some processes, the simplest devices often turn out to be enough. If they are additionally combined with modern technologies, an intuitive method of operation and enclosed in a standard casing, they may prove indispensable. An example of such a product is the ZCM-42 timer.

The advanced ZCM-42 relay by ZAMEL allows you to set a work schedule for the controlled devices using a standard web browser. This feature makes it possible to schedule the on/off switching time of the circuit with the use of a computer — as well as a smartphone or tablet. Since the relay connects to the LAN via Wi-Fi, no additional wiring is required, which greatly simplifies and shortens the installation time.

After establishing the connection, it is possible, for example, to manually control two built-in relays (an input for connecting manual switches is also available), as well as to set the RTC clock (its operation is battery-supported), thanks to which the control can take place in a weekly, astronomical or annual mode. The programmer is equipped with two 16A relay outputs which employ the inrush technology to ensure a stable operation with receivers that require a very high inrush current (e.g. complex LED lighting systems). The user can set up to 80 programmes, as well as one-time events and exceptions — the device can also operate on the basis of the calculated sunrise and sunset time.


Programmable time switch ZCM-42

Thanks to its versatility, as well as simple operation, ZCM-42 is perfect not only for industrial applications but also for automation in workplaces or public spaces. It may also turn out to be an ideal solution for households, farms, gardens and even apartments, where it will facilitate everyday life and help you to save electricity.

The function that distinguishes the ZCM-42 from similar timers is that it may operate as an astronomical clock with scheduling functionality. Usually, such devices do not integrate these two functions.

Type of module programmable timer
Counting range 1 year
Type of output SPDT x2
Supply voltage 230V AC
Mounting DIN
Output electrical parameters 250V AC/16A

ZCM-42 relay


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