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Fiber optic cables


For industry branches based on the speed and quality of data transmission, cables have been created in which carrier is not an electrical signal. Traditional cores were replaced with fibers, and information transfer was entrusted to an optical signal.

Depending on the type of fiber used, the user can choose between:

  • polymer fiber (POF), the core of which is made of organic material;
  • glass fiber (GOF) with a core which is often made of quartz glass;
  • glass-polymer fiber (PCF) with a glass core and a plastic jacket.

Fiber optic cables

Data transfer is possible in one or two directions. Cables in which transmission is carried out in one direction, we call SIMPLEX, while those in which transmission and reception of signals is possible in both directions – DUPLEX. Depending on the number of transmitted light beams (modes), we divide the wires into single and multimode ones. Single-mode optical fibers are designed to transmit one light wave over long distances, up to 150 km. In the case of multimode optical fibers, the phenomenon of dispersion makes it impossible to send data over long distances. This type of cabling is used by consumers who require high bandwidth, e.g. in local networks at short distances. Choosing fiber optic cables, we face unclear, often complicated markings, which correct reading can be a problem for people who are not familiar with cabling. One of them is the optical fiber dimension 980/1000, meaning the core diameter (980 microns) and the diameter of the jacket (1000 microns).

TME's offer includes HITRONIC® POF polymer fiber optics from Lapp, enabling data transfer in one or two directions. The first group includes wires of the SIMPLEX version, with optical fibers:

SIMPLEX-PE – black cable with a polymer optical fiber, allowing data transfer in one direction, whose P980/1000 fiber is made of PMMA and a fluoropolymer cladding.
SIMPLEX-PE-PUR –- orange, halogen-free cable with polymer optical fiber. The cable allows data transfer in one direction. The fiber P980/1000 is made of PMMA and a fluoropolymer cladding. The outer PUR jacket makes it resistant to oil and high temperatures.
SIMPLEX-FD-PE-PUR – orange, halogen-free cable for guide and movable connections. The polymer fiber with P980/1000 diameter used inside allows data transfer in one direction. Cable dedicated to work in motion, thanks to the very high flexibility. The offer also includes cables in DUPLEX version, with double optic fibers:
DUPLEX-PE – black, halogen-free polymer fiber cable, enabling data transmission and reception in both directions (DUPLEX). The P980/1000 fiber contains a PMMA core and a fluoropolymer cladding. The wire jacket is made of polyethylene (PE).
DUPLEX-PE-PUR – orange halogen-free cable with polymer fiber, in the version enabling transmission and reception of data in both directions (DUPLEX) Polyurethane (PUR) jacket provides resistance to high temperature and oils. Two fibers with a P980/1000 diameter are coated with a polyethylene (PE) buffer.
DUPLEX-HY-PE-PUR – orange halogen-free cable with increased tensile strength. Polyurethane jacket provides additional resistance to temperature and oils. The use of two plastic fibers, protected with a jacket, allows signal transmission and reception in both directions.
DUPLEX-FD-PE-PUR – orange, halogen-free cable for movable connections, enabling data transfer in two directions. Polymer fibers coated with a polyethylene (PE) buffer, additionally protect fiber optics. The outer polyurethane jacket provides resistance to high temperatures and oils.
DUPLEX-PNB-PA-PUR – green cable for PROFINET type B applications, permanently installed. Thanks to the use of two PMMA fibers with a P980/1000 diameter, it allows signal transmission and reception in both directions The external polyurethane jacket (PUR) protects the cable against oil and makes the cable resistant to high temperatures.
DUPLEX-PNB-PA-PVC – cable for PROFINET type B applications, green color, with PVC outer jacket. Dedicated to permanent application in an industrial environment. Two optical fibers with P980/1000 diameter allow the transmission in both directions.
DUPLEX-PNC-PA-PUR – green cable intended for PROFINET type C applications, with movable connections used in guides. The distinguishing feature of the HITRONIC® POF series is its high flexibility, while maintaining the possibility of working under heavy mechanical loads. The properties to a great extent provides polyurethane outer jacket, which additionally protects the cable against oils.


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