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Number of products that meet the following criteria: 1065

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Manufacturer  [1065] 
Type of heatsink  [606] 
Type of connector  [166] 
Type of enclosure  [163] 
Type of heat transfer...  [59] 
Type of accessories for...  [34] 
Type of enclosures...  [28] 
Type of mounting element  [6] 
Type of spacer  [3] 
Material  [660] 
Height  [650] 
Length  [585] 
Width  [542] 
Material finishing  [513] 
Colour  [494] 
Thermal resistance  [359] 
Application  [290] 
Heatsink shape  [257] 
Plate thickness  [221] 
Dimension X  [180] 
Dimension Z  [178] 
Dimension Y  [167] 
Connector  [166] 
Enclosure material  [163] 
Body colour  [162] 
Contacts pitch  [162] 
Enclosure series  [162] 
Kind of connector  [162] 
Type of pin...  [162] 
Number of pins  [160]